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About KO 

Kinetic Occasions is a full service event planning and marketing consulting boutique headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our boutique uses its expertise to not only assist clients with their events, but we help to market their company and services as well.


Overall, Kinetic Occasions provides the organizing and facilitating of small to medium-sized events, with affordable, reliable and energetic services. KO will always be the energy and efficiency you need to manage every detail from start to finish.


Erica S. Wright 

Co-Founder & Lead Planner

Meet the Founder

Born and raised in Detroit, Erica Wright is a woman of many gifts and abilities.


Eventually leaving the nest to receive her Bachelor’s degree from Ball State University’s School of Communication in Muncie, Indiana, she then went on to receive her Master’s degree in Public Relations, Marketing & Corporate Communications from Georgetown University and a Business Analytics Certificate from Harvard Business School.

Shortly after moving to Dallas, Texas in 2012, Wright launched Kinetic Occasions after noticing the lack of attention given to start-ups and small businesses that dominated the area. While many companies had limited resources and funding, events were still needed; branding was still important; engagement with the community was invaluable. Thus, Wright stepped in to support and deliver. 

Currently, you can find Wright organizing global events such as virtual fundraisers, tradeshows, book signings, retirement parties and more! 

So, are you ready to make your event a KO event? Book your free consultation today!

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